Flower Essence Drops


Flower Essence Drops are made from Flower Essences, which are the infusions of the energetic imprints of flower healing properties in sun bathed natural spring water. I use a range of different flower essences to create specialised mixes.

Each flower resonates differently within the body, working on shifting negative energies that are held within ourselves, that may be blocking emotional issues from the past or during present times.

Each of our ‘drops’ products are thoughtfully chosen and mixed to achieve the desired outcome; including anxiety, inspiring creativity, motivation, working on moving fears, past traumas, life changes, sleep issues, the list goes on and on.

Flower Essences are subtle and gentle, yet extremely useful, producing very powerful responses. As some energy shifts are deep within ourselves, some may experience heightened feelings for a day or two, before a settling and reduction of emotions.

Flower Essence mixes are safe for all ages, throughout all life stages, including children pregnancy & breastfeeding.

Please note these mixes include minimal amounts of Brandy as a preservative, however this can be omitted upon request .


The Flower Essence Drops should be taken two to three times per day, depending on how intense your current emotions are feeling for you.

Simply place 7 (seven) drops under your tongue, morning and night. I find it easiest to put it close by to our bed or bedroom, and take them first thing in the morning and just before bed - as it is easiest to remember to take them, when you can actually see them!

Another dose can be taken during the day, under your tongue again, or you can place the 7 drops into a drink bottle of water and sip throughout the day.

Try not to eat or drink anything 15 minutes after taking your drops.

Flower Essences are a vibrational remedy, as such tapping the bottle 7 times on the palm of your hand before taking the drops can ‘wake up’ and activate the flower energies further.