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Sow n' Sow - Mother's Day Edition Chrysanthemum Seeds

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While gifting flowers is a beautiful gesture, why not give the gift of flower seeds and share the joy that comes with growing your own blooms.

*These Can be Sent directly to the recipient if you wish! Just leave a note in the additional notes section at check out! *

Chrysanthemums, also referred to as ‘mums’, are the traditional Mother’s Day flower in Australia. This variety Chrysanthemum paludosum produces white flowers with a bright yellow centre. Easy to grow from flower seeds and quick to flower with a spreading habit, these little daisies Daisies are great for pots, garden beds and window boxes.

An eco-friendly gift that grows featuring stunning illustrative artwork by Daniella Germain to create ehe perfect, easy to post Mother’s Day gift.

-Made in Australia
– 100% recyled paper
– Includes a tear away plant label to mark where your seeds are planted
-Plastic free