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Flora Wellness and Gifting

Aromamatic Aromamist Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

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$99.00 AUD

In a nice Woodgrain Beech or Dark Anise colour, this diffuser disperses a cool aromatic mist, ideal for use with pure essential oils, essential oil blends or Flora Naturopathic Wellness Aromatic Flower Essence diffuser mixes.


  • Ideal for Pure Essential Oils or Essential Oil Blends

  • Disperses only a cool mist vapour

  • Timer Mist function – 60mins, 120mins, 180min

  • Continuous Mist function approx 10 hours

  • Automatic shut off, at low water level

  • Multi LED or Single LED Lighting Mode

  • Independent Light or Mist operation

  • Offers Humidifier characteristics

  • No oily hot water or naked flame

  • Easy to Clean & Maintain

  • Instruction Manual included

  • One Year Guarantee

  • Eco Friendly & BPA Free